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Library of CRM 2011 / CRM 2013 Web Resources to make form input simpler.  For example automatically changing fields to Title Case.

Install the solution, add the web resources to your form, and add OnChange events to field(s).   See Documentation for detailed instructions   

This is just the beginning....the plan is to make a lot of generic helpers to make CRM a better world.  If you have any suggestions for additional helpers please enter them into the Issues

Function List

When placed on the OnChange event of a field, if the user enters all lower or all upper case, it will transform the input into Title Case.  ex ‘title case’ becomes ‘Title Case’

Formats a 10 digit number to a US phone number of xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Highly recommended if you are running CRM 2011 and searching for customers using their phone number.  It will ignore numbers that start with ‘+’

Formats a 10 digit number to a US phone number of (xxx) xxx-xxxx. It will ignore numbers that start with ‘+’ 

Add to the OnLoad event to default values on a form from the user’s record.  For example when creating a new account, default the state to the state of the user.  This has a JSON2.js dependency.

When you add this to the OnLoad event you have to specify the NAME of the field on the form you want to default and the SCHEMA NAME of the field you want to pull from the user’s record.  eg "address1_stateorprovince", "Address1_StateOrProvince"  



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